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Ranging from Boarding up to Glazing a property, Glaziers Essex are the ones for the job. We provide a first class glazing service in Replacement Windows, Double Glazed Windows, Safety Glass and Patterned Glass.

Glaziers Essex

Welcome to Glaziers Essex, demonstrating high quality workmanship paired with a competitive pricing range. Our professionalism is recognised throughout the Essex area, as over the last 20 years we have developed a strong reputation for excellence in the glazing industry, proven daily by the amount of recommendations we receive.

Our Glaziers Essex glaziers are experts in their field, and have built a wealth of experience in all aspects of structural glass, glazing and fenestration works. Glaziers Essex engineers are fully qualified in all methods of glazing, including both modern and contemporary glazing systems and techniques. Glaziers Essex cater for all sectors, including private, public and commercial.

Whatever your glazing requirements, Glaziers Essex can help. We specialise in all types of glass and glazing services, including:

The Glaziers Essex head-office, also home to our other trading name the Able Group, is operated by friendly and efficient service advisers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, not forgetting our enviable emergency response time, ensuring that we are always there for our customers’ glazing dilemmas to provide a swift and safe solution. Call us today to receive your free, no-obligation quote and to receive glazing advice from one of our experts. What’s more, we don’t take any payment until you have signed to say that you are satisfied. So why not call our free phone number today on: 0800 092 8300 for a glazing solution you can count on.

What type of glass do I need?

The type of glass needed by a customer, is determined by certain criteria; where the glass is to be placed, whether they have double glazing, if they require patterned glass or if they require a form of decoration of the glass they wish to have fitted.

If the glass is to be placed in a door, or a window below 800mm, then the customer should use a type of security glass such as laminated glass or toughened glass in their frames. This precaution is taken, because glass in these areas is considered the most likely to be at risk from human interaction. Laminated glass would more likely be fitted into a single glazed frame and could be fitted the same day, whereas with the double glazed unit would need to be ordered and be more likely to have toughened glass fitted the manufacturing process for both toughened and double glazed would take 3-5 working days.

What is float glass?

Float glass is the most commonly used glass for windows or doors in the UK, it is called float glass due to its manufacturing process, which has the molten glass float in a tin bath in order to make the glass completely flat and clear. The float glass is made in many different sizes though the most frequently used size is 4mm float glass; if the area to be glazed is over 1.2 metres then the glass would need to be thicker for safety purposes. This type of glass fragments into shards when it is broken and can cause serious injury and damage to property as a result of the blade-like sharpness of the glass. Float glass may be used in any area that is not deemed critical.

What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass consists of two or more panes of float glass stuck together with a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer. The laminated glass still breaks into shards like float glass, but, the PVB interlayer enables the glass to stay stuck together, creating a unique spider web pattern. It is for this reason that laminated glass is considered as a form of safety glass.

What is Toughened glass?

Toughened glass is another type of safety glass, though it is considered such for different reasons. Toughened glass is treated at high temperatures to change the molecular structure of the glass, this allows the glass to shatter into tiny pieces when it breaks, rather than shard. The tiny pieces of glass are still sharp, but because of the size of the segment, it is less likely to cause any serious damage.

What is Anti-bandit or Bullet proof glass made of?

Anti-bandit or bullet proof glass is made up of many layers of laminated glass. The thickness and the number of layers are dependent on what the glass is to be used for, for example: banks, jewellers and Ministry of Defence frequently use thicker glass as well as a thicker PVB interlayer. The typical width of anti-bandit glass ranges from 7.5mm to 11.5mm and the interlayer would commonly be 0.8mm; the more layers there are, the better the defence.

Anti-bandit or bullet proof glass is used for many different (generally high security) reasons, including:

At Glaziers Essex, our expert engineers are skilled in all types of methods and techniques associated with fitted glass. We have glass specialists able to resolve issues with broken lead-light windows, fire safe glass, shaped glass and sash window, smashed glass.

Lead light windows and doors

Introduced in the eighteenth century, lead lighting window decoration has become a popular traditional design in the UK. Nowadays, lead lighting can be most often Lead Lighting is made using squared or diamond shape float glass held in place with ‘H’ shaped lead dividers, known as Cames.

It is made from small square pieces of float glass and is often found in older and listed buildings.

With windows or stained glass windows, they need to have any broken glass replaced, it is always best to call out a professional as it can be a tricky process. If the problem is regarding a singular glass panel in the entire window or more that are spread far apart

Listed buildings

Listed buildings or those in a building conservation area (areas of special architectural or historic interest), may not have completed carte blanche when it comes to remodelling their homes because the character or aesthetics of the property may wish to be retained. Therefore the owner will need to replace original features such as windows like for like.

Glaziers Essex, always use top quality products, whilst providing glazing and glass services for all types of businesses, from putting a hole in a piece of single glazing, for a cat flap to be fitted, to kitting out a superstore with all its glazing needs. Other services and products we provide are:

Glaziers Essex, provide a service that is second to none, we are reliable, professional and deliver quality workmanship to all of our customers. You can call us any time day or night, in an emergency or if you simply need a professional glazier at a time that best suits you. If you do need us in an emergency, we can to be with you in just 30-90* minutes. We are the ones to count on, so call us now on: 0800 092 8300

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