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If you have a stained glass window that you would like to be professionally repaired, Glaziers Essex can help. We understand that when a part of your stained glass window breaks, you may not necessarily want the whole window replaced as this can be time consuming and costly. Therefore, our expert glaziers are able to carefully replace the broken areas of the window, ensuring that you are left with a perfectly fitted and uniform stained glass window.

What are stained glass windows and how can they be repaired?

Stained glass is available in a range of colours and effects, making it a very versatile choice for those that would like a more original or personalised finish on their windows. Various metals are used in order to impart the glass of colour, from copper compounds to iron oxide, each metal can produce specific colours when introduced to the glass whilst it is molten. It is possible to repair stained glass windows, although care must be taken to ensure that further damage is not caused. To prevent further damage, the glazier will cut a pattern piece and test how this will fit, trimming if necessary.

Glaziers Essex can provide solutions for both commercial and domestic properties, including:

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